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Legal Department

Foreign lawyers can be legal advisers in Thailand on a par with Thai lawyers, but a foreign lawyer must first obtain a Work Permit to practise this profession. While it is certainly true that a Thai lawyer can conduct a lawsuit without help from a foreign lawyer, the same cannot be said in the opposite situation.

A foreigner may want to read the Italian translation of all lawsuit documents, or needs an instant translator to understand what’s going on in a lawsuit, or would like to address questions or make statements to the justice during a hearing, but this can only be done if the foreigner can rely on an assistant who not only can translate speeches, but also knows how to speak to Thai Court.

In other words, this kind of support is a must for any foreigner who is involved in a civil or criminal lawsuit in Thailand, in order to decide which way to go best and not find himself utterly lost in a maze of unknown laws and unsurmountable language barriers.

We offer all sorts of legal advice, from plain translations of legal deeds and official documents to drafting contracts in Italian in compliance with applicable Thai laws, including full support during and after case hearings… in short, if you want to prevent problems that may arise or to solve ongoing issues, there is one and only solution: