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EuroThai’s Legal Department is made up of lawyers and of qualified partners with a long-standing experience in this field.

Our lawyers grew professionally and are still growing along with the Firm, where nobody has a fixed role, but all teams of professionals work together in a spirit of mutual cooperation and of dialectical confrontation.

Some procedures need to be attended to by a lawyer in order to avoid formal inaccuracies, whereas the authenticity of other procedures should to be certified by a notary public’s stamp.

We perform our work in a spirit of dialogue and synergistic cooperation between our lawyers and other professionals with the primary aim of focusing on the efficiency and the continuity of our services, in order to satisfy each customer’s specific needs and always bearing in mind the personal and exclusive nature of the fiduciary mandate.

Our legal department has several areas of specialization, as follows:

– Family Law

– Recognition of paternity

– Inheritance proceedings

– Last wills

– Contracts and agreements

– Freehold rights and rights of possession

– Property transfers