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Visas for Thai nationals in Italy

EuroThai Service & Consulting provides support and information on visas of any kind for Italian nationals who are planning to enter and remain in the Kingdom of Thailand, or for Thai nationals who wish to enter and stay in Italy.

Visti per Thailandesi in Italia

Basic Tourist Visa: this tourist visa may be issued, at the Embassy’s sole discretion, for a period that in no case can exceed 3 months. This process is made quite complex by Italian stringent immigration rules, made even stricter a few years ago by the introduction of the Italian Republic’s Act no. 189 of 30 July 2002 (commonly known as the “Bossi-Fini Act”), which requires the applicant’s abidance by certain rules and the compliance with certain obligations by the applicant’s host. A few examples of this are:

  • The applicant must have an appropriately high education level
  • The applicant’s employment contract, or his/her registration with the chamber of commerce as a sole proprietor firm or business company.
  • If the applicant has an employment contract, his/her pay slip.
  • The applicant’s bank account, showing his/her salary deposits for at least 6 months before the visa application.
  • An invitation letter from an Italian citizen living in Italy
  • A bank or insurance company guarantee, valid for the whole period of the applicant’s stay in Italy.
  • The applicant’s health insurance.
  • The applicant’s round-trip ticket.

The Embassy’s decision to grant or to deny the visa application will take into account the above-mentioned and other documents, as well as the final interview’s appraisal.

Using our firm’s service has a practical advantage for our customers, who at the time of their application are already in Italy and realize how difficult it may be for Thai applicants to draw up and submit by themselves the required documents; a further advantage is certainly to have a local expert professional looking after the application, as this will increase the applicant’s chances to be granted a visa through a flawless preparation of the relevant documents and of the applicant himself/herself before the final interview.

Our customers are never left alone and all they should do will be to follow our staff’s instructions and to wait for the visa to be issued.

Retirement Visa

Thailand is one of the bureaucratically best organized countries to welcome a retiree. As a matter of fact, since a long time Thailand has a dedicated visa, which can be easily obtained by retirees who choose this Country to rest after so many years devoted to work. This visa, called Non Immigrant O and commonly known as “retirement visa“, can be applied for after reaching at least 50 years of age and entails the prohibition to practice any profession or trade in the Kingdom. EuroThai Service can take care of the whole procedure for retirees to be granted this visa and to obtain the specific tax exemption for those who may want to apply for it, from the very first general information on this subject to the relevant documentation retirees should submit to INPS in Italy, and finally to the payment of the applicable tax (at a very low rate) to the Thai government.

Education Visa

The Education Visa can be obtained through our partner school, duly authorized by the Thai Ministry of Education. This visa allows a student to obtain all the documents required to stay in Thailand for 6 months or 1 year to learn Thai or English. If you are planning to live in Thailand, learning Thai is very important to get in touch with local culture and customs and to enable you communicate with the inhabitants. To start the process to obtain the educational visa, all you have to do is to show up in person at the school with your passport, bringing with you some photographs and a few documents related to your residence, that the school will point out to you. The visa application is not subject to age limits and applicants will be granted their visa within approximately 2 working weeks. Education Visa can be granted to Thai-language learners for 3 years and to English-language learners for 1 year and 6 months, therefore in total up to a maximum of 4 years e 6 months. To be issued an Education Visa, applicants need to hold a previous visa valid for at least 30 days. For further information on this subject please contact us, as procedures concerning this kind of visa are subject to frequent changes.